Service Agreement: Excel Media Group will sign a Service Agreement before service initiation. A typical Service Agreement covers Non-disclosure terms, mutual indemnity, service cancellation and payment terms. Payments are made in advance on a monthly basis. Initial contract is for a 6-month period. However, the client can cancel the Agreement after any quarterly progress review. After the 6-month period a new Agreement will be negotiated if necessary.

Campaign Activity Plan & Timeline: A campaign activity plan and timeline schedule will be prepared before service initiation and shared with the client.

Profile Creation Information: we will survey the client about company information before profile creation so that profiles reflect accurate information about the company and its people where applicable.

Profile Chart: An Excel sheet containing all the profiles created on various sites along with their login- passwords will be shared with the client.

Content Topic Approval Form: Prominent articles, posts and press releases need to be formally approved by the client before publishing.

Campaign Tracking Reports: All programs include detailed monthly Success Tracking Reports. The reports will outline all the activities carried out for the campaign. The campaign may be tweaked and altered as per response or as per client requirements.

  • Excel Media Group will Design and manage  Author’s presence on the following social media platforms:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • YouTube

                             Excel Media Group will meet the following quotas:

  1. Ten (10) Facebook Posts each week
  2. Ten (10)  Twitter Tweets each week
  3. Ten (10)  Linkedin Posts each week
  4. Ten (1)  Monthly Industry related blog posts
  5. One (1) YouTube Video blog post each Month
  6. One  (1) Monthly Newsletter
  7. One (1) Monthly Press Release
  8. Ten (3-5) Book Website ads will be created
  9. (1-3) Book-to-Movie pitches will be made each month
    1.  Excel Media Group will provide the Author with the following reports:
  10. Monthly Analytics Reports
  11. Monthly Editorial Calendar outlining the following month’s content


This is a monthly billable service of $1,295.00 billed electronically for 6 months


  • with the following reports:
  • Monthly Analytics Reports
  • Monthly Editorial Calendar outlining the following month’s content