One of the most effective ways to build brand awareness, while providing relevant and useful content to your target audience is through consistent blogging. Business blogging is a marketing tactic that uses blogging to get your business more online visibility.

Business promotional video throws light on the important features of your product or service through a visual creation. These promotional videos encourage your customers to delve deeper into the specifications of your business offerings. The product videos will drive more traffic to your website thereby benefiting your business.

One of the biggest advantages to making cinematic corporate videos is that they are a fun way to visually showcase your business. It doesn’t have to be high-pressure advertising or a slick Hollywood production. In fact, cinematic corporate videos for websites work best when they focus more on product uses and industry trends than sales or hype. Videos remind people that your company is run by people who share similar values and beliefs.


We can plan, create, and implement content that truly speaks to your prospective clients. From planning your strategy to creating custom websites, logos, marketing collateral, trade shows, ads, videos and more, our full-service creative agency is always here to serve you and your business! Whether you need to create or refresh your brand image, tell a compelling story or need updated marketing collateral, our award-winning web design, graphic design & marketing agency is anxious to make you stand out and get noticed!


The key to maximizing the advantage of coupons in today’s digital world is using coupons as a way to build your customer base. Coupons can become a crucial part of your social media marketing. Coupons will drive customers to your business. The key is to develop your coupon strategy so you know how that discount marketing strategy will either increase your long-term repeat business or increase your sales per customer.


Digital Billboards is a great tool to generate competitive advantage. Digital billboards are capable of reaching a large and diverse audience, because they are usually placed in locations where they are most likely to be seen. In this way, billboards provide a business owner with maximum exposure.


Successful marketing campaigns start with insightful planning and research to ensure unique brand goals are met. Our team will meet with you to identify your business goals, brand objectives, and review any materials you provide us with that will help us shape out your marketing strategy. After that, we will create a project brief including a timeline for deliverables.


Infographics are a popular pick for content marketing. These highly visual creations work well because they draw on the naturally compelling nature of imagery. Content that’s colorful increases the viewer’s willingness to read by 80 percent. Visual content is 40 percent more likely to get social shares than other types of content. Harness the power of infographics for business and let us help you incorporate this feature into your next big campaign.


Instagram has proven to be one of the best social media platforms for targeting millennials. There are 800 million active users, 53% follow brands that they like. The combination of millennial age users and active engagement with brands makes Instagram an attractive alternative to advertise and grown your business on this platform.



A podcast is a more personal way to reach out to new potential customers. They get a better idea of your values and way of running the business. Your audience also has more flexibility on how they listen to the podcast. With traditional print articles or websites, users must focus more attention on the task. Podcasts allow the audience to listen while doing other things.


PowerPoint videos are a valuable way of communicating information. With attention spans dropping and the need to get larger amounts of information across in a shorter period of time, a well placed video can take your presentation to the next level. Additionally, videos appeal to all levels of learners and learning styles. They make the presentation content more digestible for viewers.


Your print marketing materials are the only remnants of your company that is left behind after a meeting. Make sure that they pass the test. Our print design work gives our clients a professional edge in sales meetings, face-to-face encounters, and direct mailings. Our expert’s design and print award-winning work.


RSS Feed makes it easier for readers to get the information they’re seeking without wasting time browsing the World Wide Web for it. And it helps bloggers, website owners, etc. build a content marketing strategy, while increasing web traffic in the process.


Our S.E.O services help drive traffic to your website by improving keyword rankings in search engines. Our Approach to S.E.O is to create an initial S.E.O audit, including competitive review and keyword research is conducted. This allows us to build a cohesive project plan with a clear outline for implementation, effectiveness, and success.


Doing a sketch of your business or website is a really basic yet appealing approach to present your item. Even the most complicated of ideas can be made basic through making use of animated sketches. Rather of presenting dull principles or long description of items in a site, a sketch animation can be an excellent option. A video certainly captures the attention of site visitors along with motivates them for more information.


Use SlideShare for branding and to create top-of-mind awareness. Publishing presentations around your key topics, products, and industries is a great way to get your company’s message out into the world and establish yourself as a thought leader within your particular industry.


Our social media marketing process ensures that your business gets a social media marketing campaign specifically tailored to your business’ goals. We Learn about our client’s business, website, social presence, and competitors in order to provide clear documentation to be used throughout all other stages of the project.


Excel Media Group allows you to market your athletic skills to college coaches, recruiters, and scouts through professional highlight video methods used by TV sports networks. We know how to package your highlights to make you stand out from all the other athletes vying for scholarships. We offer convenience, competitive pricing, quick turnaround, and superior quality. We know what college recruiters desire to see in a recruiting video. They want to see the prospect’s skill set on display, their stats and hear the prospect speak since they will be a representative of their college, university, or organization.


Testimonial videos allow your clients to see other people talk about your products/services, giving an honest, unscripted opinion. Testimonial videos are great to increase referrals, easily shareable on social media, and power email marketing tool. It puts a face to your business and gives your brand the credibility it needs within your target group.


As a top digital agency and video production company, our experts use innovative solutions to create compelling video content that drives engagement and sales online. Captivate your audience with corporate video production and a cohesive video marketing strategy. Increase user engagement with interactive video elements.


Video sales letters replace written sales copy with a video exploring a problem, and introducing a particular product or service as the solution. Often the direct approach to video sales letter can actually produce great results. By learning certain key lessons, you can use video to make your sales pitch without turning off potential customers.


Excel Media Group creates custom website designs with strategic insights to generate greater brand engagement, higher conversions and measurable results. Every professional website design project starts with a discovery and strategy phase where the web design team – consisting of web strategists, account managers, web designers, and technical managers – interview the client to discover their value differentiation, competitive landscape, and goals for the project. The outcome of this phase is a documented timeline, detailed project plan, and a web strategy.




Webinars give us the opportunity to teach our leads and help them understand why our product is valuable in the first place. Webinars will allow your audience to place a name with a face and a voice with a name. They allow you to build personal relationships and have real-time conversations.


YouTube is a video sharing service where users can watch, like, share, comment and upload their own videos. Making a video that keeps the user engaged in keen. With the right help and ideas you can make videos that draws in viewers and customers.


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