Sports Team Highlight Reels

Excel Media Group allows you to market your athletic skills to college coaches, recruiters, and scouts through professional highlight video methods used by TV sports networks. We know how to package your highlights to make you stand out from all the other athletes vying for scholarships. We offer convenience, competitive pricing, quick turnaround, and superior quality.

We know what college recruiters desire to see in a recruiting video. They want to see the prospect’s skill set on display, their stats and hear the prospect speak since they will be a representative of their college, university, or organization.

Recruit Reels Provides:

  • Isolation footage of the subject focusing on their athleticism during a game with slo-mo, replay and spot-shadowing for identification and emphasis.
  • Workout/training footage showing specific skills.
  • Interview covering the prospect’s goals, career highlights, hobbies, and interests.
  • Highlight videos often include GPA, ACT/SAT scores and relevant sport and position stats verified by coaches and guidance counselors.

Here’s our Process:

We only use professional equipment, proven techniques, and listen to what recruiters need. Your video will provide college recruiters with a dynamic and informative profile.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Provide video footage and/or have us shoot a video for you.
  2. Enter your vital data for your biography and sport in our simple form that we will send to you after you make the purchase of your chosen video package.
  3. Either you choose the specific video clips or we choose them (there are additional fees if we choose the clips)
  4. Review the “rough-cut” video that sent to you online for accuracy.
  5. Upon final approval, a High-Res final copy will be exported and uploaded to our website for you to distribute at your discretion. If you want to download the highlight video we will send you a separate, downloadable link.

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